This site was created to provide a forum and community for AMC Hornet enthusiast to read about the beloved Hornet or simply connect, share, and swap information about these great automobiles.

Although the emphasis of this site is the Hornet automobile, I have also provided some additional resources on the American Motors Corporation. Please visit my America’s Last Independent page to get more information on the last and the longest lived of the independent auto makers!

One of the things I enjoy most about being an AMC car owner is that although there are many great antique and classic cars on the road, AMC cars are not as common as the Big three auto makers. AMC owners know - we are not part of the me too crowd. Therefore, AMC automobiles really hold true to the phrase:

"Now there's something you don't see everyday!"

I hope you enjoy the information I have provided here. Putting this site together is hard work but is has been both fun and educational.

Alexander Ortiz 

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A site dedicated to the Hornet automobile built by the American Motors Corporation (AMC)

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