1972 AMC Hornet

The stripped down base model Hornets were not offered for the 72' model year. All Hornets were offered as SST's. For just a few dollars more then what the base model prices were in 1971, you got all the extras the SST model line offered.

It was a great value and clever way to market the product. The consumer was able to get a new Hornet with rear seat arm rests and ashtray, a cigarette lighter, full carpeting throughout the interior, locking glove box, under dash package tray, and custom steering wheel without paying much more than a base Hornet from the previous model year.

The excitement AMC was looking for in the SC/360 Hornet never materialized. Consumers didn't buy in to the performance compact. The sales of the SC/360 were a meager 784 units. AMC would no longer offer the SC/360. Instead, it offered the two-barrel V8 engine as an option for 72'.

New appearance packages were now being offered as options. The SC/360 was renamed "Hornet X" and became a regular option but with a 2bbl carb. only an no ram air 4bbl 360.

The "X" package that was used very successfully in the 1971 Gremlin and was now available for the new Hornet. However, sales for the Hornet X package failed to match the success of the Gremlin X version.

More interesting was the Hornet Rallye package. It came with bucket seats, front disc brakes, handling package, quick-ratio manual steering, full synchromesh three-speed automatic transmission with a floor shift, and a sports steering wheel.

Despite this handsomely equipped performer, like the "X" package, the Hornet Rallye also failed to draw buyers to the showroom in any significant numbers.

AMC also Introduced a special model Sportabout by having Aldo Gucci create a custom Gucci interior for the it's wagon. The fashionable interior sported the signature red and green Gucci colors, the Gucci emblems on the door panels, and sold 2584 units.

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