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AMC Logo w_borderThis site was created to provide a forum and community for AMC Hornet enthusiast to read about the beloved Hornet or simply connect, share, and swap information about these great automobiles. One of the things I enjoy most about being an AMC car owner is that although there are many great cars on the road, AMC cars are not as common as the Big three auto makers. AMC owners know - we are not part of the "me too" crowd. AMC automobiles really hold true to the phrase "Now there's something you don't see everyday!"

Enjoy the newly updated website. More information and content is coming.
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Not a Hornet but it's an AMC worth saving:
Javelin: 1972
Odometer says 19,000
$3,500 and it runs.
Absolute auto salvage middlesex New Jersey.

Pass it on.
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Tim Mchenry724 months ago   ·  2
AMCHornet.comThank you Tim. I updated the post.4 months ago
Rick MaynhartSomebody needs to get this!4 months ago   ·  3
Julie WebsterJanis Walker4 months ago   ·  1
Judy Crowe Stinsonwhat state is this car in?4 months ago
Judy Crowe StinsonI just sold a old body frame !4 months ago
AMCHornet.comA guy who does body work for us spotted it and told us the the car runs. The pictures show that there is some rust but he says the car is all there.4 months ago
Judy Crowe StinsonWhere is this car?4 months ago
AMCHornet.comAbsolute Auto Salvage Middlesex, NJ4 months ago

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